Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Year One: A love letter to Sonic

I fell out with Sonic around the time of the 360 games. Fanboy-wise im a ghost, i actually sank with the Dreamcast ship & im back from Davey Jones's locker!

So in 2007 i did this. Its a prototype of a 3d Sonic game. I did it mainly for me and my 2 mates who would lament with me as they were sonic fans too. Took 6 months as i was the only one with 3ds max, photoshop & adobe premiere skills. Did it on my own during my spare time when i should have been playing games! Thats how much Sonics recent antics motivated me.

Theres a catalogue of errors & missing scenes, but prototypes are meant to give you a basic idea right? with time, money, & what i know now i could easily bring it up to next gen standards visually, but im on this course now so this beta is where it will languish!

had to split it:



  1. dude that was epic. I'd really like to have a blast on it if you want a fellow sonic fan as a beta tester just drop me a message. Ive set up a blog now but so far it's empty.

  2. oh my god Raiden that is so awesome! I would love to think I could do something like this in years to come :D Our GS92 group should make our own game like you've done here!

  3. @ Jedi. soz dude its just a crafty cutscene made to look like a playable game!

    @ Cameron. we should be covering a 3d package like 3ds max during the course. i wonder if this kind of stuff could bump me up to assisstant tutor, that would be hilarious!