Saturday, 31 October 2009

Year One: London Expo 2009 (vid)

Pics are great but i imagine a few moving pics will better trigger the chemical strains we call "memories". for those who didnt go, i hope this gives you a good idea of what it was like, minus the heat!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Year One: Res Evil Modding

Today i got a request from the Resident Evil mod scene.

Its a great feeling when your previous work has been noticed and the community ask you personally for something to enrich their gaming experience. :)

Unfortunately i had to turn him down as i have this course now.
its not fair he'd have to wait so long for me to find time so hopefully 1 of the other modders will pick up the baton. :(

"Hi, I'm Rix. I've wished to have a mod... I want a "Jill" HP status instead of Ada's or Leon's when I play as Jill in my RE4PC(That thing I mean is something that will turn red from green when the character gets hurt dangerously) Could you make that mod for me,please?Thank you!!"

doesn't it break your lil 8-bit heart?

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Year One: A love letter to Sonic

I fell out with Sonic around the time of the 360 games. Fanboy-wise im a ghost, i actually sank with the Dreamcast ship & im back from Davey Jones's locker!

So in 2007 i did this. Its a prototype of a 3d Sonic game. I did it mainly for me and my 2 mates who would lament with me as they were sonic fans too. Took 6 months as i was the only one with 3ds max, photoshop & adobe premiere skills. Did it on my own during my spare time when i should have been playing games! Thats how much Sonics recent antics motivated me.

Theres a catalogue of errors & missing scenes, but prototypes are meant to give you a basic idea right? with time, money, & what i know now i could easily bring it up to next gen standards visually, but im on this course now so this beta is where it will languish!

had to split it:


Monday, 5 October 2009

Year One: Monty Oum - Legend!

Sometimes its best to ask forgiveness instead of permission. case in point:

If the chief could do this, id be a proud fanboy!

Anyone care to guess how much HP these girls have?

This is the reason i wanna get in the gaming biz, i wanna make action games with this level of intensity.

Quote from his blog that made me lol:
" was purchased literally minutes after I made Haloid by some Jackoff who must’ve figured I was a billionare or something. Whatever… it’s cool. sounds cooler, there were already enough O’s in my name anyways… Fukker….

I shall do my best to update this crap"

crap? CRAP? insane as well as a genius?


Thursday, 1 October 2009

initialising interface........ok!
loading humour 2.7.8..........ok!
initialising mood.....standby.....checksum complete.......ok!
.......mood operating at 87.2%
initialising body text field.............ok!

"This is me cutting my teeth on web blogging, Our chief whip Vero-sensei has very sensibly advised (threatened) me to keep a blog of the topics, projects, assignments and thoughts we will be covering during this course. this will be a standard text entry, expect flashy pics, vids and links in the coming blogs.

im not a blogger, there may be tears before bedtime. kill me now people....end communication."

.......................................User left to hit the bottle.......ok!
destroying blog sequence.......................returning to windoze........