Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Year One: Res Evil Modding

Today i got a request from the Resident Evil mod scene.

Its a great feeling when your previous work has been noticed and the community ask you personally for something to enrich their gaming experience. :)

Unfortunately i had to turn him down as i have this course now.
its not fair he'd have to wait so long for me to find time so hopefully 1 of the other modders will pick up the baton. :(

"Hi, I'm Rix. I've wished to have a mod... I want a "Jill" HP status instead of Ada's or Leon's when I play as Jill in my RE4PC(That thing I mean is something that will turn red from green when the character gets hurt dangerously) Could you make that mod for me,please?Thank you!!"

doesn't it break your lil 8-bit heart?