Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Year One: My Game Story

I thought of a story for my action-packed game demo. lemme know what you think! Please excuse the length, a couple of sentences just ballooned into what you see here!

The future. Robots are everywhere helping humanity.
Complying to Asimov’s laws of robotics they are
incapable of harming humans.

Everything is fine until a top robotics engineer
at "Sunshine Systems" is tricked out of an important
contract by them. This order came down from
the conglomerate “UltraTech” that the company
“Sunshine Systems” belongs to. The engineer
vowed revenge against Sunshine Systems and using
some of Sunshine’s own machines destroyed their
main factory and HQ. The Sunshine boss was luckily
escorted by his security detail and survived death.
At the HQ the engineer, Jun Takezuchi, found
important files pertaining to his partner and to their
child, Lynne.

Jun had no idea that Aria, his partner and mother
to Lynne, secretly worked for UltraTech and a senior
manager at UltraTech had serious affections for her.
So much so that the senior manager at UltraTech was the guy
responsible for manipulating Jun out of his
contract, Believeing Aria would turn to him and
leave Jun.

To say Jun over-reacted is an understatement.
Consumed by rage and revenge he had Sunshines factory
rebuilt, There he decided to create an army of robots
free from Asimovs laws to kill the manager who he
knew would be far better protected by UltraTech's
heavy armour than the Sunshine CEO’s human security.

If UltraTech were to try to protect the manager and
loose personnel or equipment, well, that was their

2 years have passed. The bitter battle has spilled out
onto the streets in broad daylight conflict. The
police and military can do little but protect innocent
civilians and try to prevent mass city-wide damage.
They can and do however try to bring down as many of
the robots as they can when they have the resources.

You are part of Team 2808-T. Created in Sunshine Systems
factory, your mission is to get to the UltraTech HQ,
assault the building destroying anything in your
path and kill a certain “Mr. Dufraine”

But will you? Hacking from her local terminal was
Lynne, she actually ordered your construction without
Jun noticing amongst the vast array of robots he has.
She says she is being held captive at UltraTech and
needs you to rescue her.

So armed with Jun’s impressive tech and the choice to
ignore Asimov’s laws, what will you do? Save the
woman who created you? Or obey your mission and kill
Mr. Dufraine? Why does Lynne need rescuing
anyway? Where is Aria in all of this?
And why did’nt the CEO of UltraTech just fire
Mr Dufraine?

Whatever the case, Jun soon noticed how different you
are and now you’re up against Juns own private army,
the police, the military and the might of UltraTech!
How do you survive such impossible odds?
Errrrr........Best of luck!

Robots FTW! none of that blood and guts censorship business! also its robots!
i can throw in all kinds of nods to robots from films!

P.S. Patent Pending! ^_^


  1. Sounds like a coolage game, plus you not the only one to think about using robos in the FMP. Scott is two, in my game I'm using bio-machanical(if this is spelt right) arm. I dont know of any one else plan, plus 1ST

  2. robocop is in danger ... ;(( :D

  3. Wicked!!

    Sounds pretty cool...
    I want to do an action packed thing too but i doubt i have the skill to pull it off, as well as it looking good.

    You however have the skill (as proven by your sonic work)

    I'll be interested to hear about this idea at college

  4. I remember Kelly telling me that these ideas that we are making cases for and pitching are completely different to the games we will be making.
    Anyhoo! I love the idea Raiden! You'll need some badass gameplay to compliment that story. It's all good having an awesome story but a game needs great gameplay to be truly great!
    Looking forward to seeing how it turns out :D

  5. Cameron - don't know where you heard that pal, but I asked Kelly not too long ago about whether or not the game we pitch has to be the one we are working on, the answer is yes. It makes sense, we are doing Game concept, pre-production and market research on our game that we want to do for FMP, we use all that work and research to help us in our pitch.
    Raiden - Be careful of 'I, Robot' IP, (I'm just assuming people's ideas for games are going to be taken further after delivering the vertical slice for FMP) It definitly has potential, but such potential can not be described in words shared here, seeing is believing...

  6. yes ren, toss a load of films and games into a big pot and you get my game idea!

    can you smell what the rock is cooking? im hoping you will soon! hahaha